Electric cars are they conserving energy? Rev5

Electric cars are they conserving energy? Rev5


Ask yourselves what is the real cost of “Electric Car”?


Note: Electricity is a secondary form of energy derived by utilizing one form of energy to produce electric current.


Let us look at the facts:


In order to produce electricity, we need some form of energy to generate electricity, whereby you lose a substantial amount of your original source of energy in the generation process.

In the process we are losing the efficiency of the initial energy source, since it is not a direct use of the energy.


Let us take it a step further. To generate electricity we utilize; coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro electric – water, photovoltaic-solar, wind, geothermal, etc. Many electricity generating plants utilize fossil fuel, which creates pollution.


Do you realize how much of the initial source of energy you lose to get the electricity you need for your electric automobile; you also lose electricity in the transmission lines.


Why are we jumping to a new technology, without analyzing the economic cost, the effective return and efficiency of such technology; while computing and measuring its affect on the environment?


Natural gas vehicles are a direct source of energy, where you get the most for your energy source – in efficiency and monetary value. Cost of natural gas to a comparable gallon of gas ranges around $1, it has higher octane and extends the life of your engine, it is also safer than gas.

The bottom line
When all is said and done, CNG is a decidedly unfashionable entry in the fuel-of-the-future sweepstakes, yet it may be the dark horse that wins the race. If your goal is to flaunt your green credentials, then go ahead and trade in your hybrid Prius for an all-electric Leaf. Meanwhile, the contractor down the block will buy a new dual-fuel F-250, or buy an aftermarket conversion kit for the beat-up model already in service. Which vehicle will make the greater contribution to energy independence, national security, and a healthy planet? You guessed it. The NGV, hands down.


In these hard economic times – I would think, you would want to get the most for your dollar – and not waste resources.


Another economic impact would be the loss of road tax on fuel, these funds are used to build and maintain the highway infrastructure.


“It is Cheaper to Save Energy than Make Energy”


YJ Draiman, Director of Utilities & Sustainability






Will High Electricity Rates Drive Innovation?

Escalating costs of OIL will produce innovation!



YJ Draiman’s vision is to make Los Angeles as the World Capital of Renewable energy and conservation.




Electric cars are they conserving energy? No!


I worked with UPS in Chicago in the early 90’s, researching the conversion of UPS vehicles to Natural Gas as a primary fuel with overnight slow fill stations on UPS compound.

If we are to survive the Energy crisis and become energy independent, we must utilize every effort not to waste our energy resources. Innovation and technology will eventually save the day.

Electric cars are a fiction of energy conservation, (Look at all the costs associated with such technology); it is not a viable option.

We must look into other forms of fuel, and invest heavily into R&D.


YJ Draiman, Director of Utilities & Sustainability


Energy & Utility Auditor, Energy efficiency analysis


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